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Special to the Lake Oconee News

By Joshua Alexander


I am one of millions of kids that have been anticipating the release of Incredibles 2 for the past 14 years. I was five years old when the original Incredibles was released, and I remember watching the movie countless times over the course of my childhood.

Like a true fan, I even had the Incredible family action figures. However, as much as I would love to discuss and review many movies of my childhood, that is not the purpose of my writing today.

The goal of my writing is to break down a few of the cultural elements present in the film. In the past year I have become an avid listener of The Ben Shapiro Show, a weekly conservative podcast that discusses breaking news among many other things.

Occasionally, Shapiro does a segment in the show called “Deconstructing the Culture.” Today, I am going to try my hand at deconstructing the culture in the recent film, Incredibles 2.

            The message that is being conveyed in Incredibles 2 is very clear from the beginning of the movie. There are positive and negative cultural elements in the film.

One of the major positive elements in the film is the major role that Elastigirl plays. Elastigirl is chosen over Mr. Incredible to be the new face of the superhero community in an attempt to give superheroes a good reputation in order to make superheroes legal again.

Elastigirl leaves her job as a stay at home mom for a full time gig fighting crime. I believe this a positive cultural element, it is 2018, women can do anything in the workforce that they want to do.

I firmly believe that equality in the workplace is the best it has ever been and is continuing to get better. It is worth-while to reinforce positive social standards in society by playing out scenarios such as that of Elastigirl’s.

However, I also believe that it is unnecessary for Hollywood to take it upon themselves to be the social judge of all things good and evil. The main negative cultural element in the film is the role Mr. Incredible plays.

When Elastigirl is chosen over Mr. Incredible to be the star, Mr. Incredible is portrayed as being upset and angry. He acts as if Elastigirl is not capable of doing the job as well as him.

The film attempts to generalize men as being selfish and above all sexist. In contrast, Elastigirl acts as if Mr. Incredible is not capable of taking care of the family in her absence.

Ultimately, Elastigirl’s suspicions reign true as Mr. Incredible fails miserably in his attempt to take care of the family’s three children. Personally, I believe this points to a much greater problem in today’s society.

The culture has taught us to believe that the modern day male is a self-centered person that is solely focused on furthering his own career and incapable of carrying out any other duties. This kind of broad generalization is extremely disturbing to me.

There is a moral crisis in America in 2018, men are struggling to lead their families and be the man they ought to be. Men avoid responsibility and allow teachers, coaches and friends to raise and influence their kids.

There are countless contributing factors to this epidemic; films such as Incredibles 2 are leading the way. Popular culture has a choke hold on our children, I believe it would be worthwhile to produce movies with strong male and female roles.

Children need to see males and females fulfilling positive roles in society, a simple change in script writing would contribute to the cultivation of a new generation of leaders.


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